• Final Year Project A Big Deal ? (M015598)

  • Well it is a big big problem for final year students to think about Final Project. Why is this so? there are several reasons for this. There are normally three phases of finalizing a project. • Firstly, think of a project and gather Information about project. • Secondly, Convert it to Object Oriented Analysis and Design • Thirdly, Code the project. Students somehow manage first two stages but often are hung in final stage. The reason is they do not find enough guidance to implement. Although the internal supervisor is responsible for this but he does not care normally. I say this because i have been in this pain. So, if you are final year student and you are hung in such situation we can help you out in such situation so that you can clear your project and be able to enter in professional field. Please fill the form below and send us the problem… Visit at: http://tanzeelashfaq.wordpress.com/
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