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  • Welcome all new friends to Bodie's Buttons!! This is an online shopping site for gently used children's wear, toys, accessories and other great items for a low price! If you've found an item that you like, type Please in the comment box. I will respond with Yours! Feel free to add 2nds, 3rds, etc. if someone else beat you to the punch and to secure your place in line. Just a quick note that to pick up your items, I hold an open house every Tuesday from 10am-noon and 6pm-8pm. It's a fantastic time to be able to see all Bodie's treasure's!! If you cannot make an open house, please contact me and we will make alternate arrangements. PLease look in the PICK UP HERE album and respond to the date you will be able to attend for pick ups! Please pick a date to attend an open house within 4 days of shopping, otherwise your order will be passed to the next person in line. I currently accept cash, paypal, and email money transfer. Thank you and Happy Shopping!
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